Education Program Funders

Thank you to our Education Program Funders for their vision and support of Colorado students and educators.

The Governor’s Residence is in a unique and central position to share Colorado history, highlight the heritage of Colorado peoples, showcase Colorado culture, and provide lessons in history, leadership and civics. We serve more than 3,000 students every year.

The Residence offers a standards-based elementary education program—How Colorado Became a State—from the point of view of the state’s leaders, past and present. Focusing on students studying Colorado History in the 3rd – 5th grade, the program provides students with the opportunity to experience being a part of Colorado history, learning that they can and do affect the state’s present and future through civic participation.

The program also provides social study educators with an accompanying interactive timeline, film and website for use in the classroom.

Reservations For 2022-2023 School Year

Elementary Education programs are conducted in the fall and spring. To register for a one and a half hour program please complete the booking inquiry form below, and you will be contacted accordingly.